Fixed Inductor (EC)

Fixed Inductor (EC)

TYPE: EC22 , EC24 , EC36 , EC38 , EC46





-Rated DC Current: It is either the inductance is 10% lower than its initial value in D.C. saturation characteristics or temperature raise becomes △T=20℃ (Ta=20℃), whichever is lower.

-Operating temperature ranges:-20 to +80℃.

-Storage temperature ranges: -40 to +80℃.

-Dielectric with standing voltage:250V AC r.m.s.



-Conformal coated inductors.

-Special magnetic core structure contributes to high Q and self-resonant frequencies (S.R.F).

-Treated with epoxy resin coating makes it high reliability.

-Wide inductance range.

-Ideal for auto insertion.












1.The characteristics of resistor have relations to Temperature, Moisture and Voltage.

2.The rating of resistor is specified on the basis of Temperature.

3.The power rating resistor is all specified with a Direct-Current (D.C)

continuous working voltage at commercial-line frequency.

4.The test regarding characteristics of resistor, is principally specified on the basis of moisture.

5.Maximum rated voltage and maximum overload voltage are limited for each style of resistor.

(1) Generally, Rated VoltageWhere, E=Volt, P=Watt, R=Ohm.

(2) Generally, Overload Voltage,Application time=5 Seconds.

Note: Max. rated and Max. overload voltage are specified in each specification. So, the voltage value is computed over than specified voltage value, the specified value should be applied to resistor.

6.In the complicated or high density circuit, it is recommended that the wattage or ohmic values of resistor should have a large redundancy from a view point of


7.It is necessary that the handling or wiring of resistor to the circuit, be carefully

and please do not inflict any stress to resistor with over heating application.

8. To rise the reliability of resistor, it is better to prefer resistor with uniform quality than taking resistor to meet with severe specification.

9.To rise the stability of resistor, it is very important by taking resistor to meet with circuit conditions and it is also economical not to have unreasonable design from the point of pricing of resistor.

10.Generally, failure of resistor takes a concentrated trend in the impulse circuit with complicated pulse wave form or LC circuit generated high voltage with transient phenomena. Therefore, it is very important for designers to consider these conditions in the circuit design if the resistor is applied in these circuit.










Operating temperature -40℃ to +85℃
Excellent soldering ability and resistance to soldering heat.
Suitable for flow and reflow soldering.
Good dimensions, high reliability, and easy surface mount assembly.